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Profound Effects of Sanskrit Mantra From Ramayana

Everything in this Universe is made out of vibrations. Science tells us that everything is made out of atoms, which has nucleus as center and positive and negative/ neutrons and protons vibrating around it. This explains that everything is made out of vibrations. Sanskrit is language of sound waves. These sound waves can create very deep positive effects on our whole system.

There is wonderful story about author of Ramayan, ancient Sanskrit epic, which explains profound effects of mantra. Ramayan is story of King Rama, which explains importance of Dharma in our life. Ramayan has lots influence on Sanskrit literature, Indian culture and way of life.

Before becoming author of Ramayan, Maharishi/great sage, Valmiki was known as dacoit Valya Koli. Valya was born in koli/fisherman family who became infamous highway robber to support his family. One day Naradmuni, famous rishi/sage was traveling through Valya Koli’s territory. Inevitable thing happened, Valya stopped Naradmuni. But after noticing clam & peaceful rishi he was unable to kill the Naradmuni. Naradmuni calmly asked, “Why do you do this”, Valya Koli answered, “to support my family.” Naradmuni enquired, “Everyday you are leading life of crime, which is essentially life of paap/sin. And since you are doing it for your family, do you think your family will share this burden of paap/sin with you.” Valya was very sure that his family would share the burden of his paap/sin with him, because in his mind the justification for his crime was he was doing it for them.

Naradmuni said “why don’t you go and ask them I will wait for you here.” Reluctantly Valya went home to ask his family, his kids and wife refused to share burden of paap/sin with him. It was an eye opener for Valya. He ran back to the Naradmuni who was still waiting for him. Valya Koli fell down at feet of Naradmuni and asked for forgiveness and way to correct the past mistakes. Naradmuni gave him mantra “Ram” and told him to chant it all the time. At first Valya found it very difficult to chant the mantra because of his previous lifestyle. Slowly and steadily he continue chanting of the mantra. The mantra started to change him on deeper level. Slowly thought patterns begin to change from negative to positive. Compassion and kindness took place of anger and hatred. The change was slow but permanent. After many years of practice Valya wrote “Ramayan” the great epic about ideal way of life. Because of profound effects of mantra Valya Koli became Maharishi/great sage Valmiki.

Yoga asana is practice of purifying body similarly Mantra practice is practice for purifying mind. In modern word lot of emphasis is given on physical side of yoga, profoundness of mantra practice is most of the time ignored in yoga sessions. If practice is all about physical how it will benefit on deeper level? Physical practice has to be supported by mantra practice. Sanskrit mantras are the sound waves which came to the rishis/sages in there mediation. Mostly meaning was added later to make it more acceptable. So please be mindful that mantras are pronounced correctly. Little change in pronunciation can change meaning/effects of mantra.

Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu

May all beings be well happy and free from sufferings



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