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The Wellness Business is dedicated to promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle for employees through its comprehensive corporate wellness programs. These programs encompass various aspects of well-being, including corporate yoga, meditation, health habits, and healthy cooking sessions. By offering these initiatives, The Wellness Business aims to improve employees’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being, leading to enhanced productivity, engagement, and overall job satisfaction.

Corporate Yoga: The Wellness Business understands the importance of physical activity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Through its corporate yoga sessions, employees are provided with an opportunity to engage in regular exercise, reduce stress levels, and improve flexibility and posture. These yoga sessions are designed to cater to all fitness levels and can be customized to suit the needs and preferences of each individual or group. By incorporating yoga into the workplace, employees can experience increased energy levels, reduced muscle tension, and improved concentration.

Meditation: To promote mental well-being and stress reduction, The Wellness Business offers meditation sessions as part of its corporate wellness programs. Meditation has been proven to have numerous benefits, including improved focus, reduced anxiety, and enhanced overall mental clarity. By introducing meditation into the workplace, employees can learn techniques to calm their minds, find inner peace, and manage stress more effectively. These sessions provide a sanctuary amidst a busy work environment, allowing employees to recharge and increase their resilience to workplace pressures.

Healthy Habits: The Wellness Business recognizes the significance of cultivating healthy habits in achieving long-term well-being. Through its health habits sessions, employees are educated and empowered to make positive lifestyle choices. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, such as nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, stress management, and mindfulness. By equipping employees with practical tools and knowledge, The Wellness Business encourages the adoption of healthy habits that can be sustained both inside and outside the workplace. This holistic approach fosters a culture of well-being and encourages employees to prioritise their health.

Healthy Cooking Sessions: Proper nutrition is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. The Wellness Business offers healthy cooking sessions to educate employees on the importance of nutritious eating and to equip them with culinary skills to prepare delicious and healthy meals. These sessions focus on topics such as meal planning, balanced nutrition, portion control, and mindful eating. By promoting healthier food choices, The Wellness Business helps employees improve their overall dietary habits, leading to increased energy levels, better concentration, and reduced risk of chronic diseases.

Who is it for?


Organisations and corporations who have wants help their employees to have amazing work culture, team spirit, creativity and better heath.


Individuals who want to destress, energise, have better posture, focus easily, increase productivity and have good health.

How it Works

Interested in implementing our corporate wellness programs in your organization? Contact us today for more information on how we can tailor our offerings to meet your specific needs.

  • Virtual and face to face wellness programs.
  • Live or recorded or face to face Yoga sessions tailor-made for your organisations needs.
  • Live or recorded or face to face Meditation sessions tailor-made for your organisations needs.
  • Combination of Yoga and Meditation sessions.
  • Half a day or full day wellness workshops or webinars.
  • Recorded or Live or face to face Healthy food workshops
  • Recorded or live or face to face health habits for wellness workshops or webinars

“Sunita’s yoga classes are a complete mind-body-spirit workout, I always leave feeling completely grounded yet at the same time have a lightness of being that comes from such a pure practise.”

Kim Pearce

“Her patience, concern and intuition for our needs for that particular day astounds me. We all leave stretched, clearer, happier in mind, muscles worked and better able to deal with the rest of the week.”

Ushi Williams

“I had never tried yoga before and didn’t really know what to expect. Since then I have told all my friends that practising yoga is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me for many, many years.”

Dominic, Roseville

“Through her expert guidance Yoga has helped me to focus and keep my life in meaningful balance. I not only improve my physical health and flexibility but also gain much needed mental energy”

Zac, Turramurra

“Sunita always manages to tailor the classes perfectly to each individual and you really feel as though you are getting one on one instruction.”

Pip W.

“Her knowledge of yoga is vast and all of us benefit in our own ways. A very caring & dedicated teacher!”

Alison B. Gordon

“A superb teacher of infinite patience, radiance and wisdom. Each class is well planned and varied.


“Sunita was my guiding light during my cancer journey. She has helped me immensely.”

Yasmina Sault

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