A daily dose of Gratitude 

daily dose of gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to connect with our heart center or our Anahata chakra.  

There are many ways we can bring gratitude into our life, for eg. a gratitude journal. Journaling can help you clear your mind and acknowledge gratitude.   

There are also other ways we can practice gratitude. The wisdom of Ayurveda, the healing science of India, encourage us to have lovely positive morning rituals. This way we can start on a positive note our rest of the day will attract positive energy.  

Here are a few suggestions for positive morning rituals: 

We can add positive rituals like cleaning the face, brushing teeth, tongue cleaning, and evacuating bowls. With all these rituals we are removing toxins from our system. This helps us feel energetically uplifted. 

Physical movements like nature walks, and/ or yoga asana practices will remove the held energy from our joints and muscles. During this time you can send gratitude towards your body and if you are doing these practices outside in nature be thankful for the beauty of nature. 

Pranayama or yogic breathing practices oxygenates our system and recharges our brain. Pranayama also prepares us for meditation. Our mind becomes more centered with pranayama practices. 

Just 10 minutes of regular meditation can be so valuable for our mental health.   Mantra meditation is a powerful tool to help us move toward optimal health. In one of my “Meditation Yoga & stuff with Sunita” podcast episodes, I am chanting the “Maha Mrutunjay mantra”108 times. This is the very healing mantra of Shiva. Initially, you can use that as your mantra mediation practice. once you get familiar with the mantra you can you can practice without guidance.  

Also, stay tuned for upcoming Meditation Teacher Training to enhance your meditation practice.

All the above practices will not take too much of your time but doing these rituals daily can improve our mental, emotional & physical health. 

Also during the day coming whenever you can, coming back the feeling of gratitude will be a really positive habit e.g. the unconditional love of a partner, friend, or treasured family member. The main objective is to elevate awareness of all there is to be grateful for, not to add another task to your day. 

Evening gratitude rituals can be as powerful as morning gratitude rituals. Slowing down to prepare your body for sleep, you can add restorative yoga practice. Just a few poses of restorative yoga help us unwind and relax. You can also try practices like Yoganidra to help you relax. I have also done a podcast episode on the Yoganidra called ‘Yoganidra practice’, where I am facilitating a Yoganidra practice.  

And also gratitude journaling is simply amazing. Whatever we are doing one hour before we go to sleep will stay with us during the whole night. This is why gratitude journaling at night has a very positive impact on our whole being.

Click here for the podcast “Meditation Yoga & stuff with Sunita”

Gratitude and Namaste, 


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