Ayurveda for Yoga


Are you seeking to deepen your understanding of holistic wellness and offer personalized guidance to your students? Are you seeking to deepen your practice and elevate your teaching? Learn how to customize sessions based on individual Ayurveda constitutions or Doshas, Use wisdom of Ayurveda to enrich your yoga teaching. Say goodbye to the struggle of adapting practices to individual needs—this course unveils the power of Ayurveda, aligning yoga with personalized wellness. Elevate your teaching, understand Doshas, harmonize seasonal rhythms, and cater practices to individual students

Dive deep into wisdom of Ayurveda & Yoga

Gain 30 hours of Yoga Alliance continuing education certification

Do it at your pace, with on-dmand course you can fit it in your lifestyle

Confidently offer one to one and group sessions with Yoga in Ayurveda framework.

You will learn:

Principles of Ayurveda

How Yoga and Ayurveda goes hand in hand

What is Dosha?

How to teach Yoga, meditation and pranayama for  doshas.

How to offer tri-doshic sessions.

High level, teaching and support form Sunita

and  much more

15  asana and 8 meditations sessions for dosha

Bonus gift Ayurveda cook books for summer and winter times worth $60

Get access to the course in 24 hours after payament.


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