Welcome to Practical Meditation 101 – level 1

I am so happy that you made it here. Thank you for taking step towards Self enquiry & transformation.

Your meditation practice is your Journey of Self-discovery. Through meditation you tune awareness inwards, reconnect with yourself. 

Meditation helps tremendously with to expand our awareness, also helps shifting unconscious habitual emotional patterns, beliefs, and behaviours.

Sometime practitioner may feel resistance raising  or habitual patterns are creating obstacles on the path of Meditation. Self doubt may raise make person to think that can they meditate or not.

You will be given practical tips and suggestions to overcome these self-doubts. 

Most important thing is Regular Meditation Practice.

Take a look at tips in the course, this may help you develop regular meditation practice.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions/enquiries or other like minded people by leaving comments.

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