Podcast Episode 164 is "Peaceful Pause: Guided Meditation Practice"

Practical Sanskrit


Introduction to Sanskrit Course-1:

Sanskrit Workshop half a day or min 4 hours workshops are very interactive and participant involvement is encouraged. Participants will learn:

  1. History of Sanskrit language;
    This topic will include Importance of Sanskrit Origin & History of Sanskrit, Sanskrit Present Day 
  2. Pronunciation & Simplification of Asana Names;
    This topic will include Pronunciation of Alphabets, Correct Pronunciation of asana Names, Tools to Remember Asana Names
  3. Experiencing the Language;
    This topic will include Experiencing Soundwaves, Introduction to Mantra Chanting
  4. Q & A

Introduction to Sanskrit Course-2:

Sanskrit Workshop is designed for 2 half a day or min 4 hours sessions. Workshops are very interactive and participant involvement is encouraged. In the gap between first and second workshop participants are encouraged to practice writing, and listening to Sanskrit as much as possible. Participants will learn:

  1. Learn How to Write Sanskrit Alphabets All 50 of them
  2. Sound of the Alphabets.
    Arrangements of the Alphabets

In second part of workshop participants will learn:

  1. How to Form Words,
  2. Read Simple Sentences
  3. Interpret Sanskrit and Increased Pronunciation Practice.
  4. And Mantra Pronunciation

Sanskrit Workshop-Advance:

  1. Dive Deeper into Wisdom of Yoga
  2. Focus of these Workshops can be on
    Bhagawat Geeta,
  3. Learn to Read and Write and Immerse into Wisdom of Yoga.

Who is it for?

These courses are for those who want to understand real essence of Yoga Philosophy and deepen their knowledge about true understanding of yoga. Correct pronunciation os Sanskrit creates amazing vibrations in and around ourselves.

How it Works?

Sanskrit sessions with Sunita are interactive, fun and friendly experience. Get ready to immerse into sound-waves.

Skype sessions available

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“Sunita’s yoga classes are a complete mind-body-spirit workout, I always leave feeling completely grounded yet at the same time have a lightness of being that comes from such a pure practise.”

Kim Pearce

“Her patience, concern and intuition for our needs for that particular day astounds me. We all leave stretched, clearer, happier in mind, muscles worked and better able to deal with the rest of the week.”

Ushi Williams

“I had never tried yoga before and didn’t really know what to expect. Since then I have told all my friends that practising yoga is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me for many, many years.”

Dominic, Roseville

“Through her expert guidance Yoga has helped me to focus and keep my life in meaningful balance. I not only improve my physical health and flexibility but also gain much needed mental energy”

Zac, Turramurra

“Sunita always manages to tailor the classes perfectly to each individual and you really feel as though you are getting one on one instruction.”

Pip W.

“Her knowledge of yoga is vast and all of us benefit in our own ways. A very caring & dedicated teacher!”

Alison B. Gordon

“A superb teacher of infinite patience, radiance and wisdom. Each class is well planned and varied.


“Sunita was my guiding light during my cancer journey. She has helped me immensely.”

Yasmina Sault

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