Life Coaching with Yoga


Embark on journey to discover your highest potential. Get ready to transform your life. YogaCoaching is an ongoing alliance designed to help you to live at your highest potential and become the best version of yourself. Through the practices of Yoga you will learn to train, purify and master the body, energy systems and mind to remove the obstacles in your life and to strengthen what is most useful.

Who is it for?

This is for people who wants to tap into their unique gifts and talents, connect to deep meaning and purpose , live an abundant life and benefit others. People who want to improve their emotional, mental and physical health.

How it Works

  • Contact Sunita about your interest in Yoga coaching.
  • You book in 6 appointments in advance.
  • Sunita will send you forms to fill.
  • Please fill them carefully.
  • First appointment is one and half hour, rest appointments are 1 hour.
  • Practices are designed according to your needs and what you want to focus on.
  • Sunita creates practices to give you a complete self-training program to help this happen.
  • Yoga Coaching is based on 5000 years of science and by people through direct experience living a powerful loving and focused life.
  • Get ready to transform your life.

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“Sunita’s yoga classes are a complete mind-body-spirit workout, I always leave feeling completely grounded yet at the same time have a lightness of being that comes from such a pure practise.”

Kim Pearce

“Her patience, concern and intuition for our needs for that particular day astounds me. We all leave stretched, clearer, happier in mind, muscles worked and better able to deal with the rest of the week.”

Ushi Williams

“I had never tried yoga before and didn’t really know what to expect. Since then I have told all my friends that practising yoga is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me for many, many years.”

Dominic, Roseville

“Through her expert guidance Yoga has helped me to focus and keep my life in meaningful balance. I not only improve my physical health and flexibility but also gain much needed mental energy”

Zac, Turramurra

“Sunita always manages to tailor the classes perfectly to each individual and you really feel as though you are getting one on one instruction.”

Pip W.

“Her knowledge of yoga is vast and all of us benefit in our own ways. A very caring & dedicated teacher!”

Alison B. Gordon

“A superb teacher of infinite patience, radiance and wisdom. Each class is well planned and varied.


“Sunita was my guiding light during my cancer journey. She has helped me immensely.”

Yasmina Sault

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