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Ayurveda Online Cooking Experience

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Do you want to learn Ayurvedic cooking? Do you want to bring wisdom of Ayurveda into your day-to-day life? Do you want to adapt wisdom of Ayurveda according to your need and lifestyle.

In the wisdom of Ayurveda/India’s healing science, digestive fire plays really big part in our health.
All 3 doshas/Ayurvedic constitutions have different digestive fire / agni.

Vata person has irregular agni, pitta person has robust or too much of digestive fire, and kapha person has slow sluggish digestive fire.

To move towards optimal health for all doshas our aim should be to balance our Agni by choosing correct lifestyle practices, correct food for our constitution.

Ayurveda online cooking experience is designed to help you learn tridoshic (applicable for all 3 dosha) food. Lots of tips are given to modify the dishes according to your need. Not only you will learn 6 dishes but also by simply modifying few ingredients you will be able to make more dishes.

You will also receive:

🌸 “Welcome” Video
🌸 “Introduction to Ayurveda” Video
🌸 “How to make Ghee” Video
🌸 “Twenty Herbs and spices” Video
🌸 PDF file with the recipes and tips and suggestions
🌸 6 tridoshik (applicable for all Ayurvedic constitutions) cooking videos
🌸 vegan options available

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