Nine DAYS of Goddess Dugra - invoking divine FEMININE

Goddess Durga embodies strength, courage, and divine femininity. Goddess Durga is also know as Maa Durga. She is mother of all goddesses. She is the true Divine Feminine. Goddess has gentle, compassionate energy but if her loved ones are treated unfairly, she becomes fierce warrior to protect those who needs her protection. 

Maa Durga is invoked when we need courage, love, support, nurturing,  compassion & healing. On the occasion of Navaratri, also know as ‘nine nights of the goddess’, join me to Invoke Maa Durga

 During nine days of goddess Durga practitioners will invoke 9 forms of the goddess. Practitioners will receive information via email about how to invoke the nine forma of Durga.

Online meet will be on day 1 (15th Oct 2023) and on day 10 (24th Oct 2023).

Valued at : AUD $99

**The Wellness Tribe members join for free

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